Vaccinations at Shellharbour Village

There has never been a more significant time to safeguard yourself from the flu. The development of flu-like symptoms can cause extreme angst and drastically increases the health impacts on ourselves as well as others.


Vaccination Information
Shellharbour Village’s pharmacists are qualified experts in administering vaccinations



Vaccine name Abbreviated/alternate name NIP funded age range Privately funded age range
Influenza vaccine Flu 65 years and over 10 years and over
combination vaccine
MMR N/A 12 years and over
combination vaccine
dTpa 12-19 years 20 years and over
Human papillomavirus vaccine HPV 12-19 years 20 years and over
Meningococcal ACWY vaccine MenACWY 14-19 years 20 years and over
Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1-S) COVID-19 vaccine 'AstraZeneca vaccine' 18 years and over N/A
Comirnaty (tozinameran) COVID-19 vaccine
dilute to use (concentrate) multidose for
12 years of age and over formulation
'Pfizer adult/adolescent vaccine' 12 years and over N/A
Comirnaty (tozinameran) COVID-19 vaccine
dilute to use (concentrate) multidose for
5 to <12 years of age formulation
'Pfizer 5 to <12 years vaccine' 5 to <12 years N/A
Nuvaxovid (SARS-Cov-2 rS (NVX-CoV-2373))
COVID-19 vaccine
'Novavax vaccine' 18 years and over N/A

Tips on preventing the flu:

  • Continue good hygiene practices- ensure that you keep your hands and surfaces clean at all times, and make use of alcohol-based sanitizers or wipes when on the go. Try to avoid the sharing of towels, utensils, and drinking glasses.
  • Maintain your healthy habits- ensure that you eat well, exercise regularly, and continue to hydrate.
  • Prioritise your mental health- mental health is a large contributing factor to a healthy immune system. Make sure to manage stress when possible as well as have an efficient amount of sleep.
  • Take care of your lungs- manage your asthma and quit smoking.
A recommendation by the Australian guidelines suggests that all individuals over six months of age should be vaccinated against the flu yearly to protect themselves and others. In particular, the individuals who are at a greater risk eg. people over the age of 65 and those who suffer from serious health conditions like asthma.