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Trouble Sleeping? You May Have Undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea

Sleep is an essential part of a person’s health and wellbeing. Sleep deficiency is the root cause of a variety of physical and mental health issues. Ongoing sleep disruption hugely impacts an individual’s overall health. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed. If you suffer morning headaches, are often tired, or snore loudly, you may have undiagnosed sleep apnoea.  Sleep apnoea occurs when a person’s airway is partially or completely blocked while they are asleep. Meaning that during sleep their breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

Explaining Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

There are three different types of sleep apnoea, however, the main type is obstructive sleep apnoea. Obstructive sleep apnoea occurs when the muscles that support the soft palate relax, causing the airway to narrow or close and breathing to stop for 10 seconds or longer. The brain senses the inability to breathe and briefly wakes the sleeping person to reopen the airway. This reawakening may be accompanied by a snort, choke or gasp. In some severe cases, this pattern can repeat itself more than 30 times per hour. 
The 10 most common symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea include:
● Early morning headaches
● Daytime sleepiness
● Poor concentration
● Irritability
● Falling asleep during routine activities
● Loud, persistent snoring
● Witnessed pause in breathing
● Choking or gasping for air
● Restless sleep
● Frequent visits to the bathroom

Book A Sleep Health Consultation

At Shellharbour Village Pharmacy we provide sleep health consultations and at-home overnight sleep studies. This measures breathing patterns, airflow, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. It’s important to note that with the correct treatment for your sleep apnoea you will notice immediate results. Once you have restored healthy sleep patterns you will feel like a whole new person. Here at Shellharbour Village pharmacy, we can help you take the next steps to manage your sleep apnoea and regain your quality of life.