quit smoking services

Quit Smoking - The Support You Need

Addiction is a hard thing to overcome, which is why it requires high levels of support. Here at Shellharbour Village Pharmacy, work with you to create a completely personalised quit smoking management plan. This includes finding the right products to manage your cravings, as well as providing you with advice and support. With our help, we can find the perfect combination of products and support to empower you to quit.

The Quit-Smoking Timeline

Within the first 6 hours of quitting your blood pressure has already decreased. 1 After 24 hours you have more oxygen in your body. Your fingertips are warmer and your hands are steadier.  After a week you may notice your senses of taste and smell heighten. You have also developed higher levels of protective antioxidants such as vitamin C. At 3 months your lungs’ natural cleaning system and body’s immune system have begun to recover. At 6 months you are coughing less and your stress levels have decreased. Congratulations! After 12 months your risk of heart disease is now half that of when you were smoking.

Quit Smoking Services