Strataderm Gel Silicone gel for scar treatment silicone gel Strataderm is transparent, sticky, dries quickly, applicable to any part of the skin used to improve both the old and new scars. After Strataderm application form a thin film that leaves the water resistance, while taking another skin. This layer allows to moisturize normalize the synthesis of scar collagen and protects the wound from contamination bacterial penetration chemical agents. Strataderm is used to smooth and soften scars, reduce itching and discomfort caused by them and reducing redness and discoloration associated with scars. Strataderm can be applied to any part of the skin including the face and the neck exposed surfaces such as hair or on surfaces without the need to remove it. Strataderm designed for all types of scars, including those resulting from surgery, trauma, bites, burns, acne and other skin diseases. Strataderm is compatbil with all skin types including very sensitive skin and children’s skin. APPLICATION Before applying, make sure the area is clean and disinfect. For the product to grip the skin, make sure you have well buffered excess exudate and the area is completely dry. Apply a small amount of product, depending on the size of the wound and gently massage extends in a thin layer. Once dry, Strataderm form a thin film, transparency and semi-opaque. If applied properly, Strataderm tumble ca. 5 minutes. If after this period the product is dry, it means that you have applied too much. Remove the excess material to facilitate drying. In case you want further application of a bandage, there is no need to wait for the product to be dried. The dressing can be applied immediately after taking Strataderm. The recommended duration of use: It is advisable to use at least 60-90 days Strataderm gel (24/7). For older scars it can be used for a longer period. Use for the moment they will not notice improvements

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