medication Management

Medication Management Plans and Assistance

To help maintain our health, many of us will take medication regularly throughout our life. We will also take vitamin supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as diet. Most of us will simultaneously take both these medications and prescription medication. Then there is the possibility of mixing medications that may cause bodily harm.

If your loved ones or yourself are taking medications, it is vital to be taking the correct amount at the correct time. Ensure that you read the instructions and use the medication as advised either by your pharmacist and/or doctor. 

At Shellharbour Village Pharmacy, there is a wide range of medication management plans that we offer and that will assist not only you but your family when faced with having to take medication, ensuring that the best result is achieved.

Medication Organiser 

Your Shellharbour Village Pharmaisit will work alongside you as well as your doctor to arrange your medications into an easy-use weekly organizer. This will instill more confidence by informing you better about your medication and making sure that you are taking the correct medication at the right time. Using a medication organiser ensures that you are taking the medication as instructed, as well as optimse the results from the treatment. 

Medicinal Reminders

SMS reminders can be sent directly to your phone to make sure that you never forget when you are due for a new subscription. 

Script On File

At Shellharbour Village Pharmacy, we can keep your prescriptions on file for your convenience, ensuring that they are all in one spot. For your next prescription preparation, simply call Shellharbour Village Pharmacy.

Home delivery 

If you are unable to make it to the pharmacy physically, Shellharbour Village Pharmacy offers a medicine home delivery service. 

Return of undesirable medications

Medications should not be disposed of through general household rubbish. Medicine should also not be disposed of through the drain as it is harmful to the environment. Shellharbour Village Pharmacy provides you with the option to safely and considerably dispose of your undesirable medications with no additional charge.